Sunday, May 14, 2017


a flyer for

a festival of

tribute bands


a silver star

on the pavement

at our gate


appearing in her hospital window the test flight of the Airlander 10

Saturday, May 06, 2017


It has not been an easy year, so far, at home, following J's breast cancer diagnosis. The treatment itself is absolutely brutal, we've realised, and it is dominating everything. This is why I'm totally "landlocked" at the moment. If it was my own illness, I would write about it - obliquely, I'd like to think - but I cannot narrate a loved one's crisis here.

I still like most the small, in writing; beachcombing, in my blog title's sense, finding a few words, tangential to the writer's life (and seemingly inconsequential, perhaps, to the reader at first sight) but which may resonate in the mind if one stays with them. I'll find my balance again at some point; but for the time being we're struggling against the undertow of a serious situation. There are things going on, off to the side of the page . . .

replaced original post, 14th May